On Page Optimization Services

SEO today has flexed to a whole new level, due to various factors which constantly change due to Google’s requirements. On page optimization service is vital for any online business. It is the first basic stepping stone for better online visibility. Every webmaster or SEO expert must be well familiar with ON PAGE optimization, as it is the basic requirement for any website. It is not only vital for a ranking, but also makes the site extremely appealing for people to use it and appreciate its existence.


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Reckonsoft is the perfect hub for any webmaster to get the best on-page service in the internet. Before starting to see any misleading advertisements online, one must be thorough with the concept of ON-PAGE SEO and its features.

Understanding ON-PAGE SEO

On page SEO is a simple concept which, when utilized results in extremely rewarding results. It involves various techniques which webmasters need to involve, in order to improve the productivity of the web page.

On page SEO includes various Sub procedures which include-

  • Title optimization.
  • Key word optimization.
  • Meta tags optimization.
  • Optimizing images.
  • Link optimization.
  • Thorough appearance check.

These aspects of Search Engine Optimization are termed as On Page optimization techniques.

Title optimization

The title of a web page is the deciding factor of how appealing a webpage may be. There are a lot of visitors out there who judge people by their first names! So is the case with websites.

The title must be apt enough to leave the type of impression you wish to give, to your target audience. Search engines classify websites on the basis of the web page titles which they index along with your other 1000 competitors.  The name of the page should attract the visitor to open the site and actually browse for some content.

The title must include-

  • The name of your business/brand name, website name. The name of the title must be appealing and easy enough for people to think about and remember when they click on the search bar.
  • Always ensure that the title name has no errors or scope of a spell mismatch which may lead to the search engine to take it to another website. Example- rottr.com and rotter.com have a huge difference.
  • Keyword utilization- When a website needs to rank for certain keywords, it is advisable to put the keyword in the title tag. Keywords are useful for people to search online and are easy to rank. Stuffing a title deliberately with keywords will get your site kicked. So make sure to keep the title as simple as possible.

Keyword Optimization

Ever since the Google search algorithm focused on eliminating lousy web content, it has become extremely difficult to rank content for keywords. There are a lot of factors one needs to ensure.

  • Over stuffing keywords may lead to penalization. The algorithm, ensures that content is not only relevant but also written with genuine reading reasons. Putting more keywords will make the page look less interesting and turn off the interest of the user, thus getting your page penalized.
  •  The new algorithm focuses on 60%-40% distribution of keyword density. The 60% keywords are for site ranking keywords mentioned after the main anchor text. The rest 40% focuses on individually mentioned keywords, all used for absolutely relevant purposes.
  • Long tailed keywords (with appropriate adjectives) are easy to rank. Always focus on the person reading the content and less on site ranking.

Meta tags optimization

Meta description is the most important factor which is instrumental in making the visitor click on the site, where search results display your page. The description must be extremely appealing to read and attract the interest of the reader. The Meta description must involve optimal usage of keywords and market the USP of your website. The description must be interesting enough to depict the page as a brand which simply can’t be ignored and is worth checking out.

Optimizing images

  • A site with a lot of images is definitely very attractive for a reader, but very difficult to rank as Search engines cannot read images. Hence it is important to optimize images as well for better ranking. For web crawlers, images seem less important as they are not interpreted along with the text. So, one must tag them in order to depict some meaning to them.
  • Alternate text or ALT TEXT can be used for description purposes. When the mouse runs on the image, certain text describes the image and its meaning. One may also use keywords in that description, which should be crisp and very short.
  • Always have a relevant title tag in for the image as an aid for the user, when the mouse runs over the image.
  • While creating a link to an image, using a link on a descriptive keyword is any day better than click here to view. It sounds not only inviting but also very convenient.
  • Images should always be saved with appropriate and well describing names.

Link optimization

Nothing beats a page which is not only amazing in helping a visitor get information, but also helpful in navigating him around the page. Internal and external outbound links which are used in the image must be optimized for visitors to see and for search engine algorithms to appreciate. Anchor text must be used appropriately for linking outbound links and must also involve keywords, so as to make the links more useful and valuable.

Panda penguin affect!

The penguin algorithm which was updated on 28th may this year, caused widespread discontent on a majority of sites which tanked due to the new regulations. Unnecessary links even from HIGH PR sites were now prohibited from being used, and over optimization resulted in penalization.Many web masters have given up and stated that SEO industry has been finished for good. Reckonsoft  believes that the best is yet to come and only those who patiently fight back and search for loop holes will achieve dominance in search engines. JOIN US TODAY!!!